We manufacture pallets to your specifications

Timber special cuts

Whether its skids for packaging or timber for a component of your finished product we can cut either native Irish or imported softwood to your specific dimensions.

Pallets and crates

We manufacture pallets and crates to your specific requirements. Timber used is native Irish and we can supply heat treated timber for export if required.

Sheeting special cuts

Sheeting materials including plywood, OSB, MDF and chipboard in various thicknesses can be cut by our beam saw to your required dimensions.

Used Pallets

We stock and supply a range of standard sized recycled pallets as an alternative to new pallets at competitive prices.

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Sectors Supplied

Manufacturing Sector
Manufacturers exporting goods to Europe and beyond have specific needs to their pallet requirements. They have to be certified and the timber used heat treated.
Quarry Sector
Quarries and concrete products manufacturers require competitive prices on skids placed between products being dispatched.
We supply native cut timber to specific dimensions to crate manufacturers to the farming sector.
Furniture Manufacturers
A volume of planed imported timber cut and shaped to to size for use in the manufacture of furniture for use in hospitals.