Benefits of using LAVA20 on flat roofs

Lava 20 liquid rubber coating

Using lava 20 on new flat roof

When it comes to waterproofing and protecting flat roofs, the choice of roofing materials is crucial. One standout option that has been gaining attention is the Owl Lava 20, a single-component polyurethane liquid waterproofing system. This innovative solution offers an array of benefits and advantages, making it a go-to choice for roofing professionals looking to ensure durability, efficiency, and effectiveness in their projects.

Rapid Curing and All-Weather Application

One of the remarkable features of Owl Lava 20 is its rapid curing capability. This liquid waterproofing system sets in just 2 hours at 20°C, allowing for swift project completion. Furthermore, it can be applied in temperatures as low as 0°C, making it ideal for winter applications where other solutions might falter. Within 30 minutes of application at 20°C, Owl Lava 20 becomes rain resistant, ensuring that the roof is quickly protected against the elements.

Mechanical and Elastomeric Excellence

Owl Lava 20 stands out not only for its rapid curing but also for its exceptional mechanical and elastomeric properties. This defect-free waterproof membrane boasts high tensile strength, tear strength, and high abrasion resistance. These properties contribute to its longevity and robustness, ensuring that the repaired roof remains resilient in the face of wear and tear.

Versatility and Wide Range of Applications

One of the most impressive aspects of Owl Lava 20 is its versatility. This liquid waterproofing system can be applied to a variety of roofing substrates, including flat roofs, pitched roofs, gypsum and cement boards, polyurethane insulation foams, verandas, balconies with light foot traffic, lightweight metal roofing, fibrous cement roofing, felt or asphalt membranes, TPO, EPDM membranes, concrete, timber, slate, GRP, podium decks, and planting boxes. This wide range of compatible substrates showcases the adaptability of Owl Lava 20, making it a suitable solution for various roofing projects.

Reduced Labor Costs and Efficiency

Traditional multi-layer waterproofing systems can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Owl Lava 20 offers a streamlined solution by eliminating the need for reinforcement layers and enabling application in a single coat. This not only reduces labor costs but also accelerates the project timeline. The rapid curing time further contributes to efficiency, allowing roofing professionals to complete projects promptly.

Longevity and Performance

With a BBA (British Board of Agrément) accreditation certificate and CE certification, Owl Lava 20 has been rigorously tested and proven to meet industry standards. Its 10-year life expectancy in a single coat application speaks volumes about its durability. This, coupled with its excellent weather and UV resistance, ensures that the repaired roof maintains its integrity over the long term, even in challenging conditions.

Ease of Application

Applying Owl Lava 20 is a straightforward process. Before the waterproofing system is applied, all substrates must be primed with OWL Lava Super Quick Prime. The liquid waterproofing system can then be applied with a brush or squeegee. The recommended application rate varies depending on the desired life expectancy, ensuring that the product can be tailored to specific project requirements.

Technical Details and Specifications

Owl Lava 20 comes with a set of technical details that further highlight its quality and reliability. With a viscosity ranging from 3500 to 5500 cP, specific weight between 1.3 and 1.4 gr/cm3, and flash point of 42°C, the product showcases its scientific precision. Tack free within 2-3 hours at 25°C and overcoatable between 6 to 48 hours at the same temperature, the product balances quick curing with flexibility for application. The product’s shelf life of a minimum of 12 months ensures that its quality is maintained over time.


Owl Lava 20 has revolutionised the field of liquid waterproofing with its impressive set of benefits and advantages. From its rapid curing capabilities and exceptional mechanical properties to its versatility and application efficiency, this single-component polyurethane liquid waterproofing system stands as a reliable and effective solution for flat roof repairs. Backed by certifications and a track record of performance, Owl Lava 20 offers a seamless blend of innovation and reliability, ensuring that roofs are not just repaired, but protected for years to come.


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