Factors to consider when undertaking flat roof repairs

Damaged flat roof
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Repair of Flat Roof

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Flat roofing is gaining popularity in various types of buildings, but when it fails, it can pose risks to residents or occupants. Repairing flat roofs is essential, and it can range from minor patch repairs to complete renovations, especially for roofs that have exceeded their waterproofing system’s lifespan. When considering flat roof repair work, here are some crucial considerations: 

1. Level of Damage: Assess the extent of the damage carefully. Minor issues can often be fixed with a patch repair, but ignoring more significant problems can lead to expensive consequences. Extensive damage may require a new roofing system.  Lava 20 repair kit is ideal for repairing small areas and is a cost effective DIY solution.

2. Traffic on the Roof: Some flat roofs serve as trafficable surfaces like balconies or parking lots. Ensure your waterproofing can withstand mechanical and pedestrian traffic. Consider Lava 20 top coat and Lava Pigmented Quartz Gunmetal, trafficable waterproofing.

3. Life Expectancy of the Roof: The roof’s service life before failure is a key factor. Different roofing systems have varying lifespans. Lava 20  roofing systems are known for longevity, backed by a 20 year industry-leading warranty.

4. Thermal Performance: Extreme weather can damage flat roofs. Choose a durable waterproofing membrane. Lava 20 waterproofing systems perform well in both extreme cold and heat. Proper insulation is vital to maintain energy efficiency.

5. Ongoing Maintenance: Opt for a low-maintenance solution to minimise upkeep costs. Lava 20 is a robust choice that keeps maintenance to a minimum.

Consider using Lava 20 Waterproofing Liquid Rubber as a versatile and effective solution for flat roof repairs. Its benefits, when combined with careful consideration of the factors above, can lead to a secure, long-lasting, and low-maintenance flat roof system.

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