White Rooflite 78×98 M4A Including Tile Flashing


The roof windows in the Rooflite CORE collection come in a white paint finish that looks good with any colour scheme. The CORE roof window are made of FSC certified pine wood that comes from sustainable forests. The white paint finish brings a fresh, contemporary feel to any room, be it bathroom,  kitchen or bedroom, making it an ideal option for home improvement projects.

The glass used has 24-mm (4-16-4) double glazing to guarantee good thermal insulation, which reduces heat loss in the winter and limits overheating in the summer.

The expertly moulded zinc handle allows the window to be locked in three positions, with two open positions for passive ventilation and one to close the window.



White painted rooflite 780 x 980mm M4A Including tile flashing kit.
A central pivot roof windows with slimline wooden profile equipped with controllable ventilation. It can be installed in a roof pitch from 15 to 90 degrees.
Window consists of glazing  4-16-4, double glazing with argon gas, low E coating and toughened outer pane.

Uvalue= 1.3 W/m2K