Simple Ways to Reduce your Heating Bill

Simple Ideas to Reduce your Heating Bills

We are always on the lookout for ways we can reduce our bills in one way or another, and your home heating bill is a sizeable one that can be reduced with a number of little tricks anyone can do at home.

Use Energy Saving Paint

If you are  planning to decorate your home, it will require painting so a smart idea is to boost the effect of your insulation values on your walls and ceilings by using Warmcoat Advanced insulating  paint as part of that project. Also if your home is affected by condensation, often described as damp or wet walls, as a direct result of bad or no wall insulation, this paint used appropriately will have a considerable improvement in this condition.

Replace your Lighting with Energy Efficient Lighting

The debate over whether to use energy efficient bulbs over incandescent light bulbs has long been proven but recently the price of LED lighting has come down substantially offering better quality of light and longer lifetime. For 3 – 4 euro you can find a wide range of LED light bulbs making it much easier to upgrade your lighting. Before LED bulbs cost €17 or more each and the alternative, CFL bulbs, even though fairly energy efficient lacked light quality and had a relatively short lifetime. The evidence suggests LED bulbs would pay for themselves within 6 months and that they would in fact save you over €50 in energy costs over the lifetime of the LED bulb.

Thermal Wallpaper

Again if your are planning decorating your home and you plan in using wall paper on some of the external walls it would be prudent to consider using an insulating wallpaper over standard paper. It’s about 4mm thick and can really help keep the heat in, although it is a little more expensive than most normal wallpapers. as alining paper also you can paint or wallpaper over this with your preferred finish.

Timely Opening and Closing of Curtains

How many times have we gone through the day and realise that the blinds or curtains have been left closed especially in sitting rooms and bedrooms. Natural daylight is a fantastic source of energy that will heat your home for free especially for rooms with south facing windows. Walls and floor will absorb the energy from the radiated sunlight, holding it like a heat sink, and releasing this heat later in the evening saving on your energy bill.

On the other hand, when it turns dark outside, make sure you close the blinds or curtains as this will reduce warm air escaping through the windows. The heavier the curtain the better the insulation and comfort of reducing heat loss through the windows of your home at night.

Radiator Covers

Too often radiator covers impede the flow of heat to the room, however if you have a radiator under your window, a radiator cover will help to ensure the curtains don’t hang down in front of it and avoid hot air getting trapped between the curtains and the window

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