Are you looking for timber merchants in Ireland that can provide you with a wide range of timber products? Look no further than Dooley Timber, we can assure you that all timber products you purchase from us will be the highest quality and are guaranteed to last. We are situated in Carlow, although we service surrounding areas in Leinster and Dublin so get in touch today.

Our timber merchants in Ireland have an incredible range of items for you to choose from. We frequently supply our customers with treated timber, rough timber and PAO timber. We also have items such as pallets available and can make bespoke timber items for you if required. As you are probably aware you can purchase some of these products from homeware stores, but specialist timber merchants like Dooley Timber are often the preferable choice for those who require timber that is of the highest standard.

Looking for Timber Merchants in Ireland?

Our rough timber is a popular product among our customers. This wood has multiple uses and is a cheaper alternative to treated timber. Depending on what you’re using the timber for we would recommend treated or rough. Purchasing rough timber from our timber merchants in Ireland is the closest you will get to all-natural wood unless you feel your own tree whereas treated timber is infused with chemicals to resist deterioration due to weather, rot and boring insects. If you’re unsure as to whether you require rough timber or treated timber please don’t hesitate to ask, we will gladly provide you with our professional opinion. 

At Dooley Timber, we are proud to be timber merchants in Ireland that you can trust. We always work hard to ensure that the products we supply meet all of our customer’s requirements. Whatever timber products you may need, we are able to assist you and can also create unique items that meet your wants and needs. When choosing Dooley Timber you are always guaranteed quality timber at affordable prices.

If you require any of the items that our timber merchants in Ireland can supply then get in touch today. You can call us on +353 86 252 6443, and will happily assist you further. Our friendly team will be able to discuss your timber needs with you in more detail and provide you with all of the additional information you require. We will also happily answer any questions you may have about us as a company or the products we supply. Feel free to email us directly at